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Winning Training Solutions and Plans for Coaches and Swimmers 

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Access The Ultimate Resource for Swim Coaches and Swimmers Who Demand the Best

  • Plan individual progress for every swimmer on your team and receive suggestion for optimum distribution of training intensities by week 
  • Select pre-set training strategy by best distance and receive a detailed season training plan 
  • Receive coordinated daily workouts, set-by-set
  • Manage, re-design or re-use any of your workouts.  Your targets will remain fully coordinated and adjusted to the needs of your athletes 
  • Apply workouts for groups and still receive individual per-set targets for each athlete in your group 
  • Monitor an athletes’ progression with embedded test-sets
  • Stay in control and manage your season with confidence!
  • Fast and easy account setup.  No report forms required.
  • Access your training plan and swimming workouts in seconds.
  • Evaluate your abilities and plan for your progress with our easy, no-nonsense, yet proven tools.
  • Receive Olympic-quality, yet easy to understand, highly individualized training plan with coordinated sets and workouts for every training day of your season
  • Plan your week and we will adjust your intensities and distances based on training days selected by you.
  • Stay motivated with challenging, yet effective daily workouts and sets.
  • Achieve your ideal performance with confidence and piece of mind

Stop Dreaming About Where You Can Be, Start Training To Reach Your Dream!

Tools and Service You've Always Dreamed About...

 Based On Solid Science
            Our proven methodologies have been                         designed by an unprecedented                                     International team of elite sport scientists &               coachers

 Proven By Real World Results 

           Our system has been used succesfully at                every swimming level; from age group                      through Olympics and international                            masters' championships 

 Tools For Every Occasion  

            Our suite of online tools makes it possible                 for the coach and individual swimmers to                   take complete control over the training                         process and make any corrections to your                   training plan

 Individualized Approach 

           We provide each swimmer with individual                    progression schedule which results in                        precise paces for every daily set so you will                be properly prepared to perform at your best              when it counts most!

World Class Support 

           We offer support to every coach or swimmer            at any point of your season without                            limitations.  You are always using the best              and most effective strategies on your way to            success. 

Stay in Full Control           

          Our swimming training program is NOT "click             and coach". We give you the tools to design 

          your season, workouts and even sets your                 way.  Enjoy solid science behind our                             suggestions and stay in full control with every             part of your training plan.  

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"I am remaining in awe of the 3S program. It has taught me a more productive way to coach, and has helped me further my coaching career."

Matt Kredich, Head Swim Coach University of Tennessee

Coach of Olympian Christine Magnuson